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2018 Proposed Budget

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Town of Brownsburg administration and department heads presented the proposed 2018 budget for Town Council input on Wednesday, Aug. 30. The council will adopt the budget over the course of a public hearing and three readings. The adopted budgets are then filed electronically with Indiana’s Department of Local Government Finance. The hearing and all Council meetings are noticed and open to the public.

The proposed 2018 budget totals about $51.6M across over 25 funds. The Town of Brownsburg receives about 22 percent of the property tax paid by a homeowner. The other 78 percent is revenue for other agencies such as the county, township, library, fire territory and school district.


TAB 1 Budget Memo TAB 2 Cash Flow TAB 3 General Fund TAB 4 Water
TAB 5 Stormwater TAB 6 Wastewater TAB 7 Motor Vehicle Highway Fund TAB 8 Cumulative Capital Development Fund
TAB 9 Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund TAB 10 EDIT Fund TAB 11 Redevelopment Commission Fund TAB 12 Building Debt
TAB 13 Riverboat TAB 14 Rainy Day TAB 15 Clerk's Record Perpetuation TAB 16 Local Road and Streets
TAB 17 LOIT TAB 18 GO Bonds Fund TAB 19 Parks Non-Reverting Fund TAB 20 Park Impact Fee
TAB 21 Food & Beverage TAB 22 LECEF & Police Gift Fund TAB 23 Police Pension & Investigations TAB 24 Local Road & Bridge
TAB 25 Insurance & Deductibles TAB 26 Fire Territory Budget TAB 27 Citizen Survey Results  

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