Community Relations

The Brownsburg Police Department recognizes that a law enforcement agency cannot operate at its maximum potential without supportive input from the citizens it serves. We actively solicit and encourage citizen engagement to reduce and limit crime opportunities and to help bring justice to those who break the law. The Brownsburg Police Department is committed to reducing crime by developing and expanding education and prevention programs.


The Department is committed to correcting actions, practices, and attitudes contributing to community tensions and grievances. Law enforcement personnel are an integral part of the community. Citizen participation and interaction with law enforcement personnel is necessary for a healthy community. This agency identifies and implements policies, procedures, and programs that enhance the community's quality of life.


  • Creating and maintaining relationships with community groups and organizations
  • Identifying law enforcement service needs of the community
  • Promoting law enforcement and citizen interaction
  • Providing juvenile education and diversionary programs
  • Sharing information

Juvenile Diversionary Programs

Annual courses are offered regarding crime, drugs, alcohol, and current trend awareness. Juveniles receive informative instruction in a classroom environment in these areas and are provided repercussive information as a deterrent. Question-and-answer sessions are part of the learning environment to foster a comfortable dialogue and to capitalize on the opportunity to interact with the youth of our community in a positive and informative way.

Parental Rights

Society has reached a point where the rules for "parenting" have become very complex and parents are not getting the information they need to properly raise their children while staying within the boundaries of the law. The purpose of parental rights seminars is to update parents on the "do's and don'ts" of raising a child, provide options for discipline, answer any questions, and to dispel any falsehoods about what will happen when a parent tries to discipline his or her child. These seminars may be co-hosted by Hendricks County Child Protection Services and Juvenile Probation.