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Utility Payments

Brownsburg water utility bill payment is due on or before the 17th of each month to avoid late fees and/or disconnection of service. Be sure to write your book and account number on your check or money order. 

Customers have multiple options to make utility bill payments. 

Fee-Free Payment Options:

  • 24/7 Payment Kiosk (Cash/Check) Located on Adams St., behind Town Hall
  • Automatic Payments
    • Enroll in ACH and have your utility bill automatically deducted from your bank account. The amount deducted and the due date will be noted on your bill. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deduction will be on the next business day. You may complete the form online.
  • Mail payments to 61 N. Green St. 
    • Mail your payment, along with the stub from the bill, to:
      Brownsburg Utilities
      61 N Green Street
      Brownsburg, IN 46112

      To avoid a late penalty, allow enough time to receive your payment before the due date.

  • Bank Bill Pay by signing up through your bank

Additional Options:

  • 24/7 Payment Kiosk (Credit Card) Located on Adams St., behind Town Hall
  • Online Payments
    • Pay by credit card online through our third-party vendor, Official Payments Corporation. You will be required to provide your email address to allow for payment verification. There is an additional $2.95 processing fee. This fee is paid directly to Official Payments Corporation; the Town of Brownsburg does not receive any portion of this service fee.
    • Note: Payments made by credit card must be paid before midnight on the due date. Any payment received after midnight may be subject to penalties or disconnection of service. Have your account information prepared before visiting the payment site. 

  • Pay by phone using the IVR System. Call 463-213-8152 and follow the prompts.

Bad Checks

Customers paying bills with a check drawn on an account with insufficient funds will be notified by door hanger or with a phone call. Services will be terminated if the customer fails to correct the deficiency within the time allowed, without further notice. The customer will be responsible for the amount of the check plus a $27.50 non-sufficient funds fee before services can resume.

Delinquent Notice

When a utility customer's payment is more than 30 days past due, water service will be disconnected. The full amount of the delinquent notice must be paid on or before the due date whether the notice is received or not. Both renters and landlords will receive the delinquent notice. This notice is the final reminder prior to disconnection of services. If payment is not received by midnight on the due date, your services will be terminated and a $40 fee will be added.

Call the Utility Department prior to the due date if you need assistance in resolving this debt. No payment arrangements will be made on the due date.

Reconnection Fee

Once the account has been marked for non-payment, the disconnection process starts. The customer is required to pay the delinquent bill in full, plus a $40 fee to cover the cost of disconnection of the line, as well as reconnection, trip and administrative cost.