Impact Fee Review Board


  • Randall Hackworth
    Term: 2018 to 2019    
  • Scott Lattimer
    Term: 2018 to 2019
  • Ken McGee
    Term: 2018 to 2019


Under Indiana Code IC 36-7-4-1338, the Impact Fee Review Board is made up of three citizen members appointed by the executive of the unit. A member of the board may not be a member of the Plan Commission. The board hears appeals from developers and builders regarding the fees assessed for their proposed developments based on the Town of Brownsburg Zone Improvement Plan. An impact fee review board must consist of the following members (IC 36-7-4-1338b):

  • One member is a real estate broker licensed in Indiana.
  • One member is an engineer licensed in Indiana.
  • One member is a certified public accountant.