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  • Brownsburg Fire Territory
  • P.O. Box 2122
  • Riverview, MI 48193


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The Brownsburg Fire Territory provides ambulance response and transportation to the Brownsburg Fire Territory and mutual aid areas (EMS Services). Ambulances are staffed with at least one State of Indiana Licensed Paramedic as well as another State of Indiana Licensed Paramedic or Certified EMT to provide Advanced Life Support services when needed.

When 9-1-1 is contacted and an ambulance is dispatched, the ambulance crew will offer evaluation, treatment, and/or transport to person(s) on the scene of the incident. People who are alert and oriented may refuse these services. Simply responding and arriving on scene after a 9-1-1 call does not generate a bill for EMS services. Charges apply when certain medications, treatments, and/or transportation to an Emergency Department occur. 

Patients are generally transport to their hospital of choice. However, there are many factors that weigh into this decision. The ambulance crew will take all patient and family hospital requests under advisement but it should be understood that there are times that the services the patient may need are not available at their preferred facility and the patient must be transported to another facility so the patient can receive the necessary care not provided at their preferred facility.

When a person is transported (or received specific on scene care that necessitates the generation of a bill) by ambulance to a hospital, the Brownsburg Fire Territory will invoice the patient/guardian for the evaluation, treatment, and/or transportation to the hospital. Brownsburg Fire Territory uses a billing company to process all invoices for EMS Services. Our billing company is: The AccuMed Group • P.O. Box 2122 • Riverview, MI 48193-1122 • 888.330.5405

Once the patient receives billable EMS services, the patient’s information is forwarded to AccuMed for processing of the invoice. AccuMed will file with insurance companies if all necessary insurance information is given to AccuMed by the patient/guardian.  Once they have processed that information and received a response from the insurance company (payment, denial, etc.) they will then send an Invoice to the patient/guardian. AccuMed will send all invoices and receive all payments on behalf of the Brownsburg Fire Territory. The invoices will have the Brownsburg Fire Territory’s name with the above listed Michigan address and phone number on the invoice. 

AccuMed can not get insurance information from the hospitals due to HIPAA regulations. They will send a maximum of three (3) invoices, each being one month apart, to the patient/guardian. These invoices have information on them showing if they have billed insurance or if they need further information from the patient/guardian. If no response is received from the patient after these three invoices are sent, they will attempt to contact the patient/guardian via phone. If after the three invoices are sent and the phone call is made and they don’t receive a response from the patient/guardian, they will forward the bill to collections. 

After a patient has been transported to a hospital, they should contact AccuMed after receiving their first invoice or if they have not received an invoice within 30 days after the 9-1-1 incident. The patient/guardian should also monitor their insurance account to look for any EOB’s that show their insurance has been billed. 

To avoid collection fees, you should contact AccuMed with insurance information and/or to set up payments. Once collection fees have been applied to the account, the patient is required to pay all collection fees. 

Our collection agency is: Eagle Accounts Group • 7510 Madison Ave • Indianapolis, IN 46227 • 800.878.5165

If you feel that you qualify for hardship consideration of your EMS services bill, you must contact AccuMed prior to the account being placed in collections. They will provide you with the necessary information to apply for the hardship consideration. 

Please note that all billing questions should be directed to AccuMed as there is no one at the Brownsburg Fire Territory that has access to the detailed billing account information. 

Some situations whare a patient may receive an invoice for EMS services but was not transported to a hospital:

1.    Patient received medication on scene but was not transport to the hospital. 

2.    A patient who suffers cardiac arrest, was treated on scene but not transported to the hospital.