Comprehensive Plan/UDO

Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan

The 2019 Town of Brownsburg Comprehensive Plan (PDF) is a tool that serves as the official policy guide for the town's physical growth. The document examines the whole community as it is at a point in time and looks to the desired future state. 

Revised Comprehensive Plan Sections

Revisions to the Land Use and Development Plan section of the Comprehensive Plan, including the Future Land Use Map, were adopted in September 2021. Please use the following links when referencing this portion of the Comprehensive Plan.

2021 Future Land Use Map (PDF)

2021 Land Use and Development Plan Section (PDF)

Town of Brownsburg Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) (PDF) governs land use and development throughout the Town of Brownsburg. It is the the primary source of land use regulations, including zoning and subdivision control ordinances. The UDO is drafted based on guidance from the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

Revised UDO Text Changes and PMO District

Make sure to also reference the UDO Text Changes and PMO District links below as applicable to your project. Please contact staff if you have additional questions about any development standards or applicable requirements.

UDO Text Changes Ordinance 2021 (PDF) – Including revisions to the M2 District, I1 District, I2 District, PMO District, Article 9: Development Plan, and definitions

UDO Text Changes Ordinance 2017 (PDF)

Pedestrian-Oriented Mixed-Use Overlay (PMO) District (PDF)