Tax Investment Strategy

Tax revenues are a significant funding source for the park system. Brownsburg Parks prioritizes using tax revenues for services with far-reaching impact and community-wide interest to be good stewards of this public resource. The department charges fees, at fair market rates, for services that are classified as self-interest or limit access exclusive to users.

Final Model - Tax Investment Strategy

Recreation Impact Fees

The authority to establish Recreation Impact Fees was enacted by the Indiana General Assembly to create an alternative funding source for infrastructure improvements to growing communities. Such growth places strain on the current park system, thus creating a demand for additional park facilities, trails and recreational programs. The Recreation Impact Fees allows the park system to grow with the Town by funding the additional land, trails, playgrounds, shelters, public restrooms and amenities.

This helps to avoid a decline in the quality of life for the current and future residents of Brownsburg. Recreation Impact Fees are collected each time a new residential unit applies for a building permit. Essentially, the collection of Recreation Impact Fees allows the municipality to pass on to new residents the cost of building new park infrastructure that is demanded by those new residents. 

Any developer, builder or individual constructing a new residential home of multi-family project is required to pay park impact fees before they are issued a building permit by the Department of Development Services. 

These fees are used to finance park infrastructure improvements needed by the Town such as land acquisition, playgrounds, shelters and trail development to accommodate the increased demon on the parks system due to Town growth. The Town of Brownsburg determines recreation impact fee priorities through the Recreation Zone Improvement Plan (PDF).

How Recreation Impact Fees Are Calculated

The Recreation Impact Fee calculation is based upon the construction costs needed to meet the Town's Level of Service as made necessary by new residential development. These costs are adjusted annually assuming a 3 percent inflation rate and applied according to a schedule of park infrastructure development in conjunction with Brownsburg Parks. 

Recreation Impact Fees are the same for all new dwelling units (single family development, duplex/townhouse, apartments, etc.)

  • 2020 - $1,264*
  • 2021 - $1,302*
  • 2022 - $1,341*
  • 2023 - $1,381*
  • 2024 - $1,422*

*subject to change if the Zone Improvement Plan is updated and/or there are any applicable Ordinance revisions by the Brownsburg Town Council.