Williams Park

Blast Off Playground

Williams Park is home to The Watermill Splash Pad and the popular Blast Off Playground.

Williams Park is the largest park in Brownsburg with 77 acres. Maple Ridge Trail is a 0.79-mile crushed stone nature trail that has several offshoots of secondary trails in the wooded area that runs along White Lick Creek. Amenities at Williams Park include six shelters, an additional playground, basketball courts, open grass space, and a paved 0.78-mile track around the perimeter of the park.

Park Amenities

  • Paved 0.78-mile track
  • Restrooms
  • Three pollinator gardens
  • Watermill Splash Pad
  • White Lick Creek
  • Wooded Areas

Park Accessibility Features

Adaptive Swing

The adaptive swing at Blast Off playground provides back support and security for children with physical and sensory accommodation needs. The adaptive swing can be accessed by firm, wheelchair-accessible surfacing.


The Omnispin is a unique piece of equipment with the developmental benefit of engaging a child’s sense of balance and bodily awareness while being wheelchair accessible.

Communication Signs

Through a partnership with K1ds Count Therapy and Autism Services, Blast Off Playground features communication boards to facilitate language learning through collaborative play narration.

Zero-Depth Splash Pad Entry

The Williams Park Watermill Splash Pad features a 0-depth entry, making it accessible to wheelchair users.

ADA-Accessible Picnic Tables

ADA-accessible picnic tables, located near the Watermill Splash Pad, increase wheelchair access to seating and shade.

Nonverbal Communication Boards

The nonverbal communication board, made possible by the Parks Foundation of Hendricks County in partnership with the Hendricks County Community Foundation, features common words, numbers, and symbols to encourage and facilitate communication by pointing to pictures to express thoughts and feelings.

Williams Park Shelters

Reserve a Shelter

  • The most convenient way to reserve a shelter is to reserve online.
  • Reservations may also be completed in the Brownsburg Parks admin office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • You may also call the office at (317) 858-4172 to register your shelter.
  • Resident discount rate is for families that live in the incorporated area of Brownsburg.

Please note:

  • All shelters not previously reserved with Brownsburg Parks' Administrative Office are on a first-come, first-served basis. If there is no "Reserved" sign outside of the shelter, it is free to anyone for that day.
  • All rentals are for one day only. The shelter reservation is from 5 a.m., when the park opens, until the park closes at dusk.
  • Any rental used for a fundraiser, any fees charged, or using a food truck needs to submit an event on town property application online
Facility Regular Fee Resident Discount Fee Non-Profit Fee Weekdays, Regular Fee Weekdays, Resident Fee
Alpha Shelter $66 Free Free Free Free
Shelter 1 $88 $66 $22 $44 $44
Shelter 2 $88 $66 $22 $44 $44
Shelter 3 $132.50 $110.25 $22 $66 $66
Shelter 4 $110.25 $88 $22 $44 $44
Shelter 5 $132.50 $110.25 $22 $66 $66
Shelter 6 $88 $66 $22 $44 $44