2023 Budget

2023 Budget Process

The 2023 Budget preparation process began in May 2022. Department Heads received their Justification Sheets in June and were given until July to return their 2023 Budget requests. Department Heads were asked to keep their 2023 requests in line with 2022 numbers as we were not anticipating significant revenue increases for 2023. However, the increased costs of goods and services we have seen for most of 2022 made it challenging to keep 2023 requests level with the current year. As a result, we are seeing an increase in budget requests across most of our major funds.

In mid-July, first-round meetings were held with department heads to review requests and discuss the next steps. Throughout August and into September, the budget team worked to finalize numbers, had follow up meetings with departments as needed, and coordinated with London Witte Group (LWG) to finalize 2023 revenue estimates.

2023 Budget Timeline

Following the presentation and 1st reading of the 2023 Budget set for Thursday, September 22, the 2nd reading and public hearing will take place at the Town Council meeting on Thursday, October 13. The 3rd reading and final adoption is scheduled for Thursday, October 27. This timeline will allow for the adoption of the 2023 Budget prior to the statutory deadline of Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

View the adopted 2023 Town of Brownsburg budget

Important Documents

Budget First Reading - September 22, 2022