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Shop Local Brownsburg

  1. Businesses can sign up to be included in the Town of Brownsburg and Greater Brownsburg Chamber of Commerce "Shop Local Brownsburg" map and business directory. Businesses must be located in Brownsburg to participate.

    Shop Local Brownsburg Season - Saturday, November 26 - Friday, December 23

    Shop Local Brownsburg business applications are now open! Local shops and restaurants in Brownsburg can share a special promotion or deal during the event. Apply by November 18 to be included in the business directory and map. There is no cost for participation. 

    All businesses that sign up will receive a Shop Local Brownsburg Marketing Toolkit with downloadable graphics to promote the shopping season! Companies are not required to use any provided marketing materials. 

    Questions can be directed to Community Specialist Shelby Abner at or (317) 708-6119. 

    The Town of Brownsburg and Greater Brownsburg Chamber of Commerce will promote Shop Local Brownsburg deals from November 26-December 23. 

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  3. If your business is not offering additional deals through the season, put N/A. Your business will still be featured in the directory for the entire Shop Local Season. 

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