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Residents of Brownsburg can take advantage of a variety of community resources that improve and impact their quality of life.  The Town of Brownsburg is home to an award-winning school corporation.
For specific contact information about local and state government, choose from one of the links below:
For specific contact information about educational opportunities, choose from one of the links below:
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For information about Senior Citizen Transportation in Hendricks County follow the link below:

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The Brownsburg United State Post Office contact information:
  • 411 E Northfield Dr.
    Brownsburg, IN 46112-9998
Other utilities servicing Brownsburg:
Electric Utilities
Duke Energy 800-521-2232
  Hendricks Power Co-op 317-745-5473
Gas Utilities
Vectren Energy 800-777-2060
Water Utilities Indianapolis Water 877-631-1431
Sewer Utilities Hendricks Regional Sewer District 317-718-6056
  WCCD 317-272-2980
Trash Hendricks County Solid Waste 317-745-9130
  Ray's Trash 317-539-2024
  Waste Management 317-826-5800
TV/Internet AT&T     AT&T U-Verse 1-800-331-0500
  Brighthouse 317-972-9700
  Comcast 1-800-934-6489
  DirecTV 1-855-837-4388
  DISH 1-800-823-4929
   Exede  1-855-627-2553
  HughesNet 866-649-3926
  DSL 1-866-945-3694 
Phone AT&T 1-800-331-0500
  Brighthouse 317-972-9700
A great place to start and grow a business, Brownsburg offers companies an environment that is pro-business. With the support of economic development incentives like lease assistance, low-interest loans and tax abatements, more than $25 million of real and personal property investments created or retained 450+ Brownsburg jobs with an average annual wage of $49,000 in 2012. For specific information about planning and permitting, visit the Planning Department and Building Department webpages.
For information to help businesses or companies considering moving to our community, visit one of the following links:


Welcome race fans! If you are in Brownsburg for the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals, we hope you enjoy your stay. The easiest route to Lucas Oil Raceway from Interstate 74 is taking Exit 68 for Ronald Reagan Parkway south to US 136, then east to the track. 
Located just east of Brownsburg, Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis is the home to a number of high profile racing events including the Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals and the annual Night Before the 500. Lucas Oil Raceway

The Town of Brownsburg also holds several special events and festivals throughout the year. Visitors can find all of the events listed on the Event Calendar

The Brownsburg Parks and Recreation Department offers camps, athletic leagues and special events. For more information on all of Brownsburg Parks and Recreation Department's offerings, check out their webpage.
Brownsburg also has five terrific town parks that are available for public use. For information about individual parks and their specific amenities, click through to their webpage.
For more information about the various attractions, special events, places to stay, and restaurants available in Brownsburg, visit the Visit Hendricks County website at

The Town of Brownsburg, Indiana's municipal government delivers public services to a population of more than 21,000 and provides for the Town's safety, enhances the quality of life for its residents, and fosters business development in the community. 

Five elected Town Council members serve as the legislative/executive branch while the elected Clerk-Treasurer serves as chief financial officer. A Town Manager hired by the Town Council manages daily operations and serves as the chief executive officer. Town facilities and operations include the water and sewage treatment facilities, street department, fleet maintenance garage, parks and recreational facilities, fire and police, and administrative offices.

The rural Indianapolis suburb is one of the fastest growing communities in the state. The population grew by more than 90 percent in the 1990s and a recent annexation of 140 parcels contiguous to its east boundary increased the Town's size by about one-third. Brownsburg has been recognized twice by CNN Money magazine among the nation's "Best Places to Live" for its low crime, strong economy, affordable homes, and excellent schools.

Boards and Commissions
Town Manager
Clerk Treasurer
Fire Department
Police Department
Hendricks County Government




Overview Brownsburg North
Brownsburg Town Council approved the annexation of 1,200 unincorporated parcels contiguous to the municipality's northern corporate limit. The Brownsburg North Annexation area encompasses nearly 4,500 acres including the Highland Green, Highland Springs, Windridge and Eaker subdivisions. The annexed area increased the Town's population by over 3,000 residents and added approximately $273 million in assessed value. READ MORE>>

Indiana Law: Annexation is the process cities and towns use to increase their size through the acquisition of adjacent land. Indiana law (IC 36-4-3) specifies the methods and requirements that municipalities must follow in order to pursue annexation. The law requires the municipality to provide its public services to the annexed area. SEE THE FULL INDIANA CODE>>

Annexation Process: The Town introduces an annexation ordinance, adopts a fiscal plan for the annexation, and notifies the property owners of the public hearing. Town Council considered public comments provided at the hearing, which was scheduled on May 16.  A meeting to vote on the final adoption of the annexation ordinance will be held at least 30, but not more than 60, days after the public hearing. SEE RESOLUTION 2013-09>>

Fiscal Plan: The fiscal plan outlining the costs associated with the annexation is available on the website. Copies of the 26-page document can be obtained from the Town Manager's office at Town Hall, 61 N. Green Street for a copying fee of 15 cents per page. SEE THE FISCAL PLAN>>
Extension of Non-Capital Municipal Services
Permits and Zoning: Landowners in the annexed area will be served by the Brownsburg Planning & Zoning Department for improvements permits, review of development proposals, inspections, and use variance requests to the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Redevelopment Commission: The parcels within the annexation area are eligible for designation as an economic development area (ED Area) and/or redevelopment area (RD Area) under IC 36-7-14 on the effective date of the annexation. This designation will make the parcels in those designated areas eligible for tax incentives for future commercial/industrial development.

Code Enforcement: The Brownsburg Planning & Zoning Department is responsible for enforcement of Town ordinances. Citizen reports of potential violations are investigated by a code inspector and violators will be noticed in accordance with the ordinance.

Street Maintenance: The Brownsburg North Annexation added nearly 32 road miles of residential streets and unimproved county roads to the Town. The Town is prepared to improve these roadways as traffic increases are anticipated, in order to minimize and manage traffic levels. The majority of municipal funding for the Street Department is provided through Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) and Local Road and Street (LRS) taxes and other roadway-specific revenues, rather than property tax revenues. It is expected that the addition of these roadways will generate virtually all of the LRS and MVH revenue necessary to expand municipal street services to the annexation area. These improvements will be prioritized and planned for by the Town as development creates the need.

Water and Sewer Service: The eastern-most portion of the proposed annexation area, more specifically that area generally east of CR 900 E is to be served by Citizens Utilities and the County's regional sewer agency. Brownsburg's municipal sewer and water utilities will provide sewer and water service to the remainder of the Annexation Area. Several of the residential developments already have Brownsburg sewer and water utility service. Currently, those utility customers outside of corporate limits pay outside rates on their utility bills. The outside rates would be eliminated as a result of annexation. The Town is planning for the expansion of the sewer plant and collection system to service the newly annexed area and water utility to address the demands of future growth. Per the Town's Annexation Policies, municipal capital water and sewer services are extended largely, if not wholly, at the expense of the property owner and/or developer. Specific terms and sharing of costs are determined on a project-by-project basis and formalized through a legal agreement between the Town and the property owner and/or developer.

Stormwater Utility Service: The Annexation Area will become a part of the Town's Stormwater Utility service area one year after the effective date of the annexation. Stormwater management staff will inspect stormwater outlets and other stormwater-related facilities for MS4 compliance, and landowners will be subject to monthly stormwater fees as provided in the Stormwater Ordinance (Chapter 56). Generally speaking, the stormwater utility charges $5/month ($60/year) for each residence, regardless of size. Commercial and other buildings will pay $5/month ($60/year) for each equivalent residential unit (ERU). An ERU is determined to be 2,900 square foot of impervious surface. The Town has no stormwater utility charges for undeveloped agricultural land. An estimate of the monthly stormwater fees for these other types of buildings can be provided upon request.

Yard Waste Recycling: The Street Department provides free curbside residential yard waste recycling services which include tree limb removal, leaf pickup, grass clipping pickup, and Christmas tree disposal.
Snow Plowing: The Street Department salts and/or plows Town streets to provide access for everyone to safely travel to work or school in winter weather. Plowing begins after a snowfall reaches 2 inches or more, with main/collector streets having snow removed first, followed by neighborhood streets, and finally courts and alleys last. SR 267 and US 136 are both maintained by the State Highway Department at this time, not the Town.

Parks: Residents of the annexation area may already use Town parks' facilities and programs whenever those residents choose. Currently, those who live outside of corporate limits pay higher fees for many of the parks programs. There is a discounted rate for residents.

Police Protection: The Brownsburg Police Department will assume responsibility for providing police protection one year after the effective date of an annexation. Additional police officers, vehicles and equipment will be added as necessary/appropriate in order to provide routine police patrols to the Annexation Area.

Fire Protection: Fire protection services are provided by the Brownsburg Fire Territory, and are not considered municipal services of the Town of Brownsburg.

Representation: Citizens in the Brownsburg North Annexation Area already have the opportunity to present issues to the Town Council, and as Town residents will have a voice in the municipality's public policy decisions. Beginning on the effective date of the annexation, those residents will be eligible to vote for municipal officers, including the Clerk-Treasurer and Town Council, in regular and special elections. They will also become eligible to be candidates to serve on municipal boards and commissions.
Extension of Capital Municipal Services
Capital Water Utility Services: Citizens Utilities will provide capital water utility services to the far eastern portion of the Annexation Area, more specifically that area generally east of CR 900 E. The remainder of the Annexation Area will be served by Brownsburg Municipal Water service. The Town has already planned for capital water extensions to enhance fire protection services, improve water service to existing extra-territorial customers, and provide capacity for future growth in the Annexation Area. Per the Town's Annexation Policies, municipal capital water services are extended largely, if not wholly, at the expense of the property owner and/or developer. Specific terms and sharing of costs are determined on a project-by-project basis and formalized through a legal agreement between the Town and the property owner and/or developer.

Municipal Street Construction: Brownsburg Street Department capital services will be extended to the Brownsburg North Annexation Area within 3 years of the effective date of the annexation. The demands of future development are likely to increase traffic levels in the area, and the proposed annexation enables the Town to properly plan for, finance and implement major road improvement projects. It is projected that new/proposed development in the area will dictate street/road improvements, and the cost of those capital improvements will be coordinated with developers. The addition of nearly 32 miles to the Town's roadway inventory is significant. Potential street projects in the Annexation Area will be planned and prioritized in the same manner as those currently within the corporate limits, however it is not anticipated that any capital street project for the Annexation Area will be implemented prior to 2016/17.

Capital Sewer Utility Service: The Town of Brownsburg will provide capital sewer utility service to the portion of the Annexation Area west of CR 900E. The portion of the Annexation Area east of CR 900E will be provided by the Hendricks County Regional Sewer District. The Town has developed plans to provide municipal capital utility services to portions of the Annexation Area which are currently undeveloped and un-served. Per the Town's Annexation Policies, municipal capital sewer services are extended largely, if not wholly, at the expense of the property owner and/or developer. Specific terms and sharing of costs are determined on a project-by-project basis and formalized through a legal agreement between the Town and the property owner and/or developer.

Drainage Services & Municipal Stormwater Utility: The County Drainage Board is the only agency with authority to install storm sewers, combined sewers, drainage tiles or drainage ditches in the Annexation Area. The Drainage Board has statutory capacity to levy an "ad valorem" tax (based on property values) from affected property owners to pay for those improvements. Brownsburg's Stormwater Utility charges a system of rates to pay for stormwater management facilities and their maintenance in accordance with the Environment Protection Agency's MS4 requirements. In some cases, the Brownsburg Stormwater Utility will consider the construction of storm sewers or other facilities necessary to control and manage stormwater in the Annexation Area in accordance with state and federal standards. Brownsburg's primary development policies require the developer to install facilities which retain stormwater runoff on the development site to minimize downstream flooding, as well as separate sanitary sewers. Stormwater ponds and other stormwater management facilities are generally the responsibility of the developer and the homeowners association to build and maintain.

Parks: The Brownsburg North Annexation Area is not projected to require additional park facilities; however, capital parks services to the area will be extended as required by statute. As the area develops, the Town and Parks Board will consider the potential need for new park facilities based on the type and density of development in the annexation area and the sufficiency of existing park facilities.

When Services are Provided
As provided in IC 36-4-3-13, services of a non-capital nature including police protection, fire protection, street and road maintenance, and other noncapital services normally provided within the corporate boundaries, will be provided within one year of the effective date of the annexation. Services of a capital nature, including street construction and water, sewer and stormwater drainage facilities, will be provided to the annexed territory within three years after the effective date of the annexation in the same manner as those services are provided to areas within the corporate boundaries. Per the Town's Annexation Policies, municipal capital water and sewer services are extended largely, if not wholly, at the expense of the property owner and/or developer. Specific terms and sharing of costs are determined on a project-by-project basis and formalized through a legal agreement between the Town and the property owner and/or developer. Under current assumptions of an effective date in early 2014, it is projected that any municipal capital services not already provided will be provided to the annexation area during or before 2017.

Property Taxes
Assuming the annexation to become effective prior to March 1, 2014, the property tax revenue from the annexation area is presumed to commence in 2015. SEE POTENTIAL FINANCIAL IMPACT SCENARIOS>>

For More Information: Email Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz with specific questions not covered here or call 852-1120.

If you’ve driven along N. Green Street lately, you know that a plan years in the making is finally coming together. Construction is well underway on the mixed use development projects on the site of the old St. Malachy church and school.

The public-private partnerships between the Town and developers will transform the area into a pedestrian-friendly economic center. Our goal is to create a vibrant downtown atmosphere with new and much-needed commercial, residential and retail options.

The investments totaling nearly $90 million will include office suites and a co-working space, luxury apartments, retail spaces, restaurants and a parking garage.

Town leaders have worked on a master plan for the 10.5-acre area since the property was purchased in 2011. The goal is to establish a nexus — a central gathering point — in the north downtown to bring people into our community.

The Town’s initial $2.4 million investment in the property purchase along with economic development incentives for those developments will be multiplied many times over. Additionally, the projects will aid in construction of infrastructure including underground stormwater detention, a new centrally-located Arbuckle Acres Park entrance, and parking.

The property still includes an option for a possible future recreation center. On the east side of Green Street, construction of the Brownsburg Town Center is also underway and expected to open this fall.

Later this year, the Town will be reconstructing N. Green Street between Main and 56th with a center turn lane and pedestrian/bike trails To improve traffic in the area. We will also extend Enderly Avenue between N. Green and Grant streets to ease east-west travel. N. GREEN STREET REDESIGN CONCEPT>>

Read more about the mixed-use developments in the News and Useful Links tabs on this page and on the BLOG POST>>







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