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Brownsburg's Stormwater Department delivers a broad range of services related to stormwater quality and quantity. It provides public education, storm system maintenance, inspections, and public drainage improvements and works to reduce the amount of stormwater pollution associated with illegal connections and discharges.

What is stormwater? Stormwater is the runoff from natural precipitation, such as rain water, snow melt or other surface drainage that is transported by streets, sewers, gutters, swales and ditches to local streams, rivers, ponds and lakes.

Ways to prevent stormwater pollution:

  • Don't blow grass or pile leaves on the sidewalk or in the street where they can blow or wash into the storm drains. Aim your mower away from paved areas. Use a leaf blower or broom to move clippings into the yard, not into the street.
  • Don't dump grass clippings or other yard waste into a swale, ditch, or creek. Recycle grass clippings as a natural fertilizer. Leave them on the lawn to biodegrade or compost it for rich natural fertilizer for your plants and garden.
  • Bag your leaves for the Town of Brownsburg's free curbside pickup service in the fall.
  • Properly dispose of yard waste at the Hendricks County Solid Waste Management District's recycling center. Or, check with your trash service to see if they collect bagged yard waste with your weekly trash pick-up.

The Street department offers free yard waste pick up throughout the year. The Street Department's wood chipper circulates through the town Monday through Thursday each week from April through October to pick up limbs and branches. During the fall months, that same truck and crew are out picking up paper recyclable bags full of leaves.  After the Christmas and New Year's holidays, they will pick up and chip Christmas trees for a short time. You can learn more about their pick-up schedule and instructions on how to recycle yard waste by going to their website.


"Only stormwater belongs in storm drains!"

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    The pet of concern to the Stormwater Program is the dog. Un-scooped dog poop can be harmful to the environment and a health concern.
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    The Stormwater Utility is designed to provide a broad range of services related to stormwater quantity and quality such as public education, storm system maintenance, inspections, management, reducing the amount of stormwater pollution associa...

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Kathy Dillon,
Superintendent of Wastewater
Wastewater Treatment Plant (more)
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