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The Brownsburg Wastewater Department strives to provide our customers with the best quality treated wastewater that the system can produce while meeting the stringent requirements set by state and federal organizations. By complying with these requirements, we are protecting human health and the environment in our community.

Brownsburg has a 3.5 million gallon per day Class III facility for treating the raw sewage produced by residents and businesses. The plant is regulated by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit. The treatment plant uses biological processes that remove and reduce the pollutant concentrations to meet the requirements for discharging the treated water into White Lick Creek.

Brownsburg has 30 lift stations located throughout the community, each with pumps, control panels, remote monitoring equipment, level sensors, piping, and a wet well to keep wastewater flowing in the right direction - out of residents' homes and streets. Normally, the wastewater leaving homes and businesses flows by gravity, but there becomes a depth that it is no longer feasible to install gravity-flow style sewers. Instead, a wet well is installed to hold the wastewater with pumps either submerged in or connected to the wet well that lifts the wastewater back up to a point that it flows by gravity either to another lift station or to the treatment plant.

All of Brownsburg's lift stations have audible and visual alarms (and many have remote alarms) to notify wastewater personnel of equipment failures. If you see a lift station with a flashing light or hear one buzzing, there is some type of malfunction at that station that needs prompt attention. Please notify the police dispatch at 317-852-1100.

The alarm is very loud to attract attention to the fact that there is some type of equipment failure. Do not attempt to "fix" the lift station or silence the alarm.  This may put either you or Town personnel in danger.  Personnel will respond as quickly as possible to correct the situation. Also, call police dispatch immediately if you notice any suspicious activity near a lift station or sewer manhole lid. Town employees will normally be in uniform and working out of a Town-owned vehicle.

To review the Preliminary Engineering Report for SRF Funding, click here.

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  • Grease Trap Program
    Grease trap inspections are conducted at restaurants and other food-related businesses to keep grease from entering the sewer system and causing sewer backups and overflows.
  • Sewer Collection Maintenance
    The sewer collection system is maintained to keep the sewer system operating properly; help prevent blockages and backups; remove debris such as roots, sand and trash; and evaluate where repairs need to be made.
  • Stormwater Utility
    The Stormwater Utility is designed to provide a broad range of services related to stormwater quantity and quality such as public education, storm system maintenance, inspections, management, reducing the amount of stormwater pollution associa...
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Superintendent of Wastewater
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