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Jun 19th, 2015
02:23 PM
about 4 years ago
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Dillon, Kathy

Sewer utilities across the nation as well as right here in Brownsburg continue to see increases in maintenance and emergency repair costs due to the things people flush down their toilets.  People tend to resist changing their behavior and customers have asked sewer utility operators to just change out their equipment so it will accept whatever customers want to flush down the system.
First of all, it can be quite expensive to change out equipment.  Second, sewer utilities that have installed equipment that grind up the materials flushed are contributing to the material that makes its way through a treatment plant and back into the environment.  So changing our behavior may be the best way to respond to this growing issue.  Use the link below to watch a video prepared by Tracy Stevens at the Spokane, Washington Wastewater Treatment Facility which demonstrates the fate of various materials that can “fit” down the toilet.  

Reminder: just because it is advertised as being “flushable” does not mean that flushing it is the best action to take.


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