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Jul 8th, 2015
09:00 AM
about 5 years ago
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Geans, Alan

Think your boss could -- or would -- do your job? At the Town of Brownsburg, employees get to find out. Fridays in the Field is a program that takes Town Manager Grant Kleinhenz and Assistant Town Manager Brian Hartsell out of the office and into Town departments to perform daily tasks.  The goal of the program is to improve relationships between administration and staff. And, by rolling up their sleeves to experience Town laborers’ working conditions, they get a better idea of what departments need when it comes to budget time.

Recently, Hartsell rode along with mosquito control crew members JR Webb and Tim Helmick, and learned first-hand all that goes into controlling the mosquito population during the warmer months. He was impressed with their extensive knowledge on the subject and the various strategies that need to be employed depending upon the life stage of the mosquito or weather conditions. The mosquito control crew's efforts ensure that mosquito-borne illnesses and the general nuisance they cause are controlled, all while keeping in mind the safest and least intrusive way to accomplish the task.   

Kleinhenz got his hands dirty with wastewater staff Shawn Pabst, Pat Duncan and Shane Russell, cleaning the peripheral feed holes at one of the treatment plant clarifiers. It's a simple maintenance element and just a small example of the many tasks associated with a complex treatment process that ensures the Town’s wastewater is cleansed before returning back to nature. And, if it wasn’t for the defensive measures implemented by the treatment plant staff, our Town Manager would have been hauled off by the aggressive flock of geese that try to overrun the place!  

Kleinhenz was able to see the preparation that goes into stormwater outreach and education events while inventorying supplies with stormwater coordinator Lisa Christie. These events are part of an overall comprehensive effort to combat stormwater pollution and reduce contaminates that might otherwise enter the sewer system.  He also spent time with water department assistant superintendent Gary Golay to take apart and repair a fire hydrant that was hit by a truck. Functioning hydrants that provide water at the right pressure at a moment’s notice are a critical component to the Brownsburg Fire Territory’s ability to respond to a fire -- an obvious though often easily overlooked aspect of public safety support.

Fridays in the Field gives employees a chance to see the administration in a different light. And, it helps the administration appreciate what it takes for employees to perform their important roles in maintaining and improving our Town.

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