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Sep 22nd, 2015
10:28 AM
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Hartsell, Brian

The process to approve the Town's budget for 2016 has been underway for several months. In fact, it starts not long after the previous year’s budget is adopted. The budget process starts with careful review between the Town Manager’s Office and all department heads, and then the proposed budget is presented for the Town Council's input at a special meeting. The Council adopts the budget over the course of a public hearing and three readings, which are all open to the public. The adopted budget is  then filed electronically with Indiana’s Department of Local Government Finance.

With a few weeks to go until adoption, the proposed 2016 budget totals about $50.9M across over 25 funds. The primary funds are the General, Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Funds, which combine for almost $23M, or about 45% of all budgeted funds. Some of the other funds include the Motor Vehicle Highway, Park & Recreation, Economic Redevelopment, and Food & Beverage Funds. Increases in some of the fund’s budgets address infrastructure projects that are programmed for the coming fiscal year and are a reflection of the continued growth Brownsburg experiences.  With a combination of responsible commercial and residential growth, the generation of the funds to provide the necessary services can be spread out over a broader base.  

The proposed 2016 General Fund budget is a balanced budget. Planned expenses are generally less than projected revenues, particularly for recurring operational expenses. For some funds, healthy fund balances allow expenditures to exceed revenues in a given year when approved.  In this way, the Town can save for several years for a specific purpose or project. The Town strives to find new ways to save and maximize tax payer dollars while continuing to provide quality service and achieve progress in our many areas of focus. Over the past few fiscal years, the Town has sought and received more than $31 million in federal funds to supplement local funds for numerous infrastructure projects such as the Ronald Reagan Parkway extension, Northfield Drive widening, several upcoming trail projects, and planned widening of Green Street from Main to 56th Street.

The portion of the budget derived by property tax revenue includes the General Fund, Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) Fund, Building Debt Fund, and the Cumulative Capital Development (CCD) Fund. Approximately 22% of the annual property tax paid by a homeowner goes to the Town of Brownsburg to fund these four operating funds. Another 11% of the total tax paid goes to the Fire Territory.  The remaining two-thirds is a revenue stream for other agencies such as the county, township, library, township, and school district. Property taxes do not fund water or wastewater utilities, these utilities are funded by user fees and charges.  

The proposed 2016 budget is available on the Town’s website with hard copies available for viewing in the Town Manager’s Office and in the Clerk Treasurer’s Office.

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