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Jan 27th, 2016
09:13 AM
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Rainey, Annisa

Unless you have been living under a rock, we know that you are aware of the many capital improvement projects the Town has underway or completed to improve traffic flow, pedestrian travel and safety over the last 18 months. But, did you know that many of those projects are made possible with federal funding? Town administration has secured more than $38 million from the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for projects between FY 2012 to FY 2021. Often times, the Town covers just 20 percent of construction costs.

Most recently, the MPO indicated four proposed projects be recommended to its Technical and Policy Committees for funding at its February meetings including the B&O Trail Tunnel Crossing on CR 300 North ($736,000); Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety & Visibility Around Schools ($549,720); Tilden Rd. & Odell St. Roundabout ($2,244,880); and the Hornaday Road & Airport Road Roundabout ($2,116,000). The federal funding commitment on these four projects, two of which are planned for FY 2020 and the other two in FY 2021, totals more than $5.6 million with a local share of $3.8 million.  Following is a summary of these projects:

B&O Trail Tunnel: The project will allow trail users to safely travel north and south of County Road 300N, east of Northfield Drive, without crossing traffic at this very busy area which will only become busier once the Ronald Reagan Parkway is completed in early 2017. With the anticipated increase in vehicle traffic on the CR 300N corridor, the Town is planning several improvements along the road, including a roundabout at S. Green Street & CR 300N. The Town has asked for $736,000 in Transporation Alternative Program (TAP) funds for FY 2020. The Town's match is 20 percent ($184,000) and the municipality will pay for the preliminary engineering and right-of-way, currently estimated at $140,000. Local funds for the project will be approximately 30.5% of the total cost.

Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety and Visibility: The Town has worked with the School Corporation to identify areas of concern and intersections with poor visibility along walking routes for school-aged children. The project will address visibility of crosswalks, visibility of pedestrians in darkness, safety at uncontrolled intersections, and ADA accessibility issues at 12 intersections/crosswalks. The Town has asked for $71,730 for construction engineering and $477,990 for construction costs from the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) for FY 2020. The Town will pay for preliminary engineering costs and make a match of 10 percent on the project.

Tilden Road & Odell Street Roundabout: The Town will convert the Tilden and Odell all-way stop intersection to a roundabout. The project is expected to improve traffic safety, reduce delays, and accommodate future growth in the area bordered by Brown Elementary, Christ Lutheran Church, Sports Field Park, Eagle Elementary, White Lick Elementary and Brownsburg High school. The roundabout will be a "complete street" design that includes sidewalks and/or multi-use paths to accommodate the schools and residential neighborhoods. The Town has asked for nearly $2.25 million in Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) and Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds for FY 2021. The local match is 20 percent, or $561,200.

Airport Road & Hornaday Road Roundabout: The Town will construct a roundabout to replace the existing all-way stop at the Airport and Hornaday roads intersection, which is bordered by numerous schools and the future development of Cardinal Park just south of the area. With heavy school traffic and school buses, the project will significantly improve traffic conditions and reduce delays at the intersection. The Town has requested nearly $2.2 million in Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) and Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds for FY 2021. The local match is 20 percent, or $529,000.

Other current, completed, and planned projects made possible with federal funds include:

Hornaday Road Trail 2011 $150,000 $0
Intersection of US 136 and Odell Street 2012 $1,795,200 $448,800
E. Northfield Drive (56th St. southeast to US 136) 2013 $4,800,000 $1,200,000
W. Northfield Dr. (From east entrance at Brownsburg Station to W. US 136) 2013 $4,000,000 $1,000,000
Traffic Signal Preemption 2014 $403,169 $44,797
Ronald Reagan Parkway (US 136 to CR 300N) 2015 $10,100,000 $10,100,000
Odell, Sycamore, Tilden, Jefferson Street SRTS 2015 $427,600 $172,150
Regulatory Sign Inventory 2015 $155,790 $17,310
Green Street (56th to Main Street) 2017 $2,867,310 $2,487,040
Pedestrian Crossing Improvements 2017 $178,200 $19,800
Traffic Signal Backplating 2017 $45,450 $5,050
Regulatory Sign Replacement 2017 $326,376 $36,264
E. Northfield Dr. (CR 300N to CR 400N) 2019 $5,128,000 $1,282,000
Hornaday Road & CR 300N Roundabout 2020 $1,715,711 $428,929
56th Street & Wild Ridge Blvd. Intersection 2020 $348,660 $38,740

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