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Sep 21st, 2017
08:32 AM
about 1 year ago
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Rainey, Annisa

Brownsburg Town Council was recently presented the results of the 2017 Citizen Survey, which asked a random sample of 1,500 residents to rate a variety of factors impacting our community's livability. The Town has been conducting this biennial survey since 2011 to get residents' feedback that can help local officials identify areas for improvement and make decisions about the services the municipality provides to its residents in the future.

Respondents are given multiple-choice questions asking to rate items such as public safety, ease of travel, recreation, employment and shopping opportunities, and services provided by the municipality. The survey is an opportunity, in addition to public meetings, for residents to have a voice in the planning and prioritizing of services that the Town provides. Answers let us know how residents feel about living here, how they perceive the value of Town services, and what is important to them as we plan for the future.

More than 400 municipalities across the nation have used the scientific survey, which is conducted by the National Research Center. The Town can draw comparisons with other similar jurisdictions and see how ratings compare to national benchmarks. This year's survey had a 29 percent response rate (423 surveys completed and returned) with typical response rates ranging from 25 to 40 percent nationally.

Quality of life, safety, and affordability received particularly high ratings, similar to previous years’ survey results. Nine in ten respondents rated Brownsburg as a good or excellent place to live. Most reported that they consider it a good place to both raise children and to retire. Brownsburg's K-12 education, cost of living, housing affordability, and housing options all ranked higher than the national benchmark.

Police and crime prevention also ranked higher than national benchmarks. More than 90 percent gave positive ratings for the overall feeling of safety in Brownsburg, and nearly all said they feel safe in their neighborhoods as well as in the downtown and commercial areas. A report of the full survey results are online HERE>>

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