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Jul 10th, 2018
03:51 PM
about 1 year ago
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Rainey, Annisa

Do you wash your car at home? You may not know that by washing the grime off your vehicle you might actually be causing harm to our local waterways. When you wash the car in the driveway or on the street, dirt, oil, grease, metals, and detergent-laden water runs into storm drains and then into our streams, rivers, and lakes. Just as soap destroys dirt and organisms on your vehicle, it will do the same in creeks and other bodies of water.

Modifying how and where you wash your vehicle is one way that everyone can help keep our waters clean. Here are a few alternatives to washing your vehicle in the drive or street:

  • Wash your vehicle at a full- or self-service carwash. The dirty water at a commercial car wash is collected and sent to the sanitary where it is treated. Also, most commercial car washes use 60 percent less water for the entire process than a homeowner uses just to rinse the vehicle.
  • If you need to wash your vehicle at home, wash it on your lawn or grassy area. This allows the grass and soil to filter out the pollutants. If this is not possible, redirect the waste wash water so that it cannot enter the storm drains.
  • Use soaps sparingly and use a hose trigger nozzle to save water.
  • Pour your bucket of soapy water down the sink, not in the street.

Please help keep our waters clean, and consider these alternatives the next time you wash your vehicle.

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