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Oct 11th, 2018
03:17 PM
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Bewley, Mary Louise

When it comes to capital projects, and road construction projects in particular, Town of Brownsburg staff and officials often get questions about how those are prioritized and why schedules often overlap causing closures in more than one travel location at a time.

Many of our road projects receive federal funding. Since 2012, the Town has secured more than $49 million in federal aid for $76 million in completed, ongoing and planned capital improvements. Since those awards are decided five years in advance, the funding agency dictates in which year construction can commence. Meanwhile, needs for other improvements emerge and can result in simultaneous projects.

Indiana does have a short construction season from May through November. That can cause construction to be extended from one year into the next. Keeping a lane open to traffic, as opposed to complete closure, also extends project deadlines. Other factors than can delay or lengthen work schedules include utility relocations, bad weather, equipment breakdowns, and even environmental issues.

Currently, N. Green Street from Lucas Drive to 56th Street is closed for reconstruction and Enderly Drive is being extended between N. Grant and Green. Both of those projects are on track to be open by the end of this year, when reconstruction of N. Green between Lucas Drive and Main Street will begin. Green Street will have an added center turn lanes as well as pedestrian and bike trails.

The Northfield Drive/CR 300N intersection is also closed for the construction of a roundabout. This roundabout connects to the last section of Northfield that is being constructed from CR 300N to CR 400N (Airport Road), where another roundabout will be built next summer. The road is scheduled to be open in 4th quarter of 2019. A tunnel for the B&O Trail under CR 300N will make crossing safe for trail users.

The Thornburg Parkway extension through the Cardinal Park property to Hornaday Road recently opened.

Town Council approves funding for capital projects in the municipality's annual budget. A breakdown of 2019 projects can be found on pages 38 and 39 of the Sept. 6 budget presentation. BUDGET PRESENTATION>>

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