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Brownsburg North Annexation Overview

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Brownsburg Town Council approved the annexation of 1,200 unincorporated parcels contiguous to the municipality's northern corporate limit. The Brownsburg North Annexation area encompasses nearly 4,500 acres including the Highland Green, Highland Springs, Windridge and Eaker subdivisions. The annexed area increased the Town's population by over 3,000 residents and added approximately $273 million in assessed value.

The Brownsburg North Annexation area current land uses range from undeveloped agricultural land to densely-developed residential areas, and scattered commercial/business developments.  Overall, it is primarily agricultural in nature, with a population density of less than 3 persons per acre. It is projected to develop within the next 10+ years, due in part to the annexation area's proximity to the future Ronald Reagan Parkway corridor.

Brownsburg has almost tripled in population since 1990, growing from 7,628 to 21,285 (2010 estimate).  By annexing the defined area, the Town of Brownsburg will be able to better plan for and manage the community's future growth and development in accordance with its Comprehensive Plan. Bringing the area into town limits will allow the municipality to design key infrastructure projects, expend planning and engineering dollars on transportation, water and sewer improvements. Simply put, annexation will allow the Town to offer its services and infrastructure to a wider area, creating more opportunities for residential, commercial and industrial development.

Because several of the residential subdivisions in the area already have Brownsburg sewer and water utility service, this annexation will bring nearly all existing Brownsburg utility customers inside the corporate limits.

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