Community Relations

The Brownsburg Police Department recognizes that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without supportive input from the citizens it serves.  It actively solicits and encourages the cooperation of all citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime, and to assist in bringing to justice those who break the law.  The Brownsburg Police Department is committed to the task of reducing crime through the development and proliferation of education and prevention programs. 


This department is committed to correcting actions, practices, and attitudes, which may contribute to community tensions and grievances. Law enforcement personnel are an integral part of the community.  Citizen participation and interaction with law enforcement personnel is necessary for a healthy community.  This agency identifies and implements policies, procedures, and programs that enhance the quality of life in the community.


Sergeant Pete Fleck, Community Relations and Juvenile Officer, is responsible for creating and maintaining a relationship with community groups and organizations, such as diversionary or awareness task forces and the community school corporation, for the purposes of exchanging information, identifying law enforcement service needs of the community, providing juvenile education and diversionary programs, promoting law enforcement and citizen interaction.   


Sergeant Fleck also acts as the community liaison between the police department, neighborhoods and businesses. He communicates and meets with homeowners or business owners, attends neighborhood gatherings, provides department tours and provides public safety information and education.  Sergeant Fleck is the Juvenile Officer of the department and administrates multiple community relation programs including:


·         Neighborhood Watch

·         Youth Summer Camp

·         Self-Defense

·         Juvenile Diversionary Education (Crime, Drug & Alcohol Awareness)

·         National Night Out Against Crime

·         Parental Rights

·    Community Feedback -  Provide a Crime Tip, Complete a Survey, Commend an Officer or Employee or File a Complaint


For further information on the following programs or to register, please contact Sergeant Pete Fleck, Community Relations and Juvenile Officer at 317.852.1109 Ext. 2138 or Request a Presentation or Tour.


Neighborhood Watch Programs
Neighbors getting to know each other and coming together to fight crime in their area and learning techniques about safer living methods such as:  changing their locks, better lighting, keeping keys on the dresser at night so they can use the car alarm, not turning over all their keys at the car repair so they can't make copies of their home keys.  Residents are taught to be betterCW eye witnesses, by using cell phone cameras and concentrating on distinguishing features, and knowing types of vehicles and directions of travel.  The Brownsburg Police Department has been involved in the Neighborhood Watch Program for several years.  The department is always interested in branching out to all the new residential areas that have been recently built or annexed by the town. 
As a benefit of members of this program, crime statistics are now going to be e-mailed directly to the neighborhood watch leaders so they can be informed of the types of crimes in the town and be given information of suspect descriptions to pass on to the other people in their watch.  Would your community like to start a Watch or does your current Watch need to update its information?......  Click Here
Youth Summer Camp
The Brownsburg Police Department, in conjunction with the Brownsburg Fire Department is launching its Youth Summer Camp this June.  Please come join in the fun!
Self-Defense Courses
Sergeant Fleck is also a certified physical tactics instructor who offers group classes from youth to adults on self-defense.  Learn to free yourself from harm and not be a victim!
Juvenile Diversionary Programs
 Annually courses are instructed in the Brownsburg Community School Corporation regarding crime, drug, alcohol and current trend awareness.  Juveniles receive informative instruction in a classroom environment in these areas and are provided repercussive information as a deterrent.  Question and answer sessions are part of the learning environment to foster a comfortable dialogue and to capitalize on the opportunity to interact with the youth of our community in a positive and informative way.
National Night Out Against Crime
Each year the Brownsburg Police Department hosts a National Night Out Against Crime, drawing thousands of attendees to share in a fun evening of crime prevention education and police interaction with the public.  This is a free event including kid activities, a live band, public service activities and free food. 
Parental Rights
New to the Brownsburg Police Department this year are parental rights seminars.  Society has reached a point where the rules for "parenting" have become very complex and parents are not getting the information they need to properly raise their children while staying within the boundaries of the law.  The purposes of parental rights seminars are to update parents on the "do's and don'ts" of raising a child, provide options for discipline, answer any questions and to dispel any falsehoods about what will happen when a parent tries to discipline their child.  These seminars may be co-hosted by Hendricks County Child Protection Services and Juvenile Probation. 
Community Feedback
Community feedback is integral to the success of community policing.  Citizens are encouraged to provide Crime Tips or complete a Survey to provide valuable input that acquaints members of law enforcement and the Brownsburg community with mutual problems and encourages action aimed at solving them.   


In addition, citizens have afforded the opportunity by the Brownsburg Police Department to file either an employee commendation or employee complaint.  The department is always interested in hearing about its employee's or the department's general performance and level of service. 


If a citizen wishes to file a commendation for any Brownsburg Police Department employee or the agency in general, they may call 317.852.1104 to be directed to the appropriate supervisor, or they may complete the  Employee Commendation Form to file the commendation electronically. 


If a citizen wishes to file a complaint against any Brownsburg Police Department employee or the agency in general, the following procedures should be noted:


1.    Report the complaint to the on-duty supervisory either in person at the department, 31 N. Green Street or call 317.852.1100 and request to be contacted by the on-duty supervisor.  If your complaint is directed toward a supervisor, please contact the Uniform Division Commander at 317.858.6026 or the Chief of Police at 317.858.6012.; or


2.    File a complaint electronically using the Employee Complaint Form. 


The Brownsburg Police Department strives to provide quality services to the citizens of Brownsburg.   Complaints are investigated in accordance with Brownsburg Police Department policy and procedure. 




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