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Town Offers Free Grease Bins

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The Town of Brownsburg and the Hendricks County Partnership for Water Quality are teaming up to provide 200 free reusable kitchen countertop grease bins to residents. The partnership hopes to promote the proper disposal of grease to protect the Brownsburg sewer system and water quality.

Grease left over from cooking meat, bacon and other fried foods is easy to mishandle in the kitchen. If it gets poured down the sink drain, it can cause damage to plumbing. Fats in grease and oil can mix with other sewage debris to build up and block pipes. Grease build up in the drainage system can be costly to remove, but grease bins offer an easy, convenient way to handle it.

The Town is holding a grease bin giveaway all summer at the Brownsburg Farmer's Market presented by IU Health West Hospital. Stop by the Town of Brownsburg tent to sign up for a chance to win. Winners will be notified, and can pick up their bin at the Farmer's Market, 4 to 7 pm Thursdays on Town Hall Green.

Proper grease disposal and recycling techniques can help avoid expensive home plumbing fixes and protect the municipality's sewer system. Here are other safe ways to handle grease and cooking oil in the kitchen:

- Dispose of grease by letting it solidify in the pan or in a jar, throwing solid grease in a trash can or designated grease bin and wiping the pan or dish with paper towel to soak up any remaining.
- Do not throw cooking oil and grease outside where it can make its way into the sewer system. Never dump it in a storm drain.
- Use a muslin or cheesecloth strainer to filter out pieces of food from the grease and reuse it to cook another time.

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