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Combined Sewer Overflow Public Notice

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The Town of Brownsburg, as part of its combined sewer overflow notification program, hereby states that the potential for a combined overflow into White Lick Creek during and immediately following any rain event or snow melt exists throughout the entire year.  People who swim in, wade in, or ingest the water contained in White Lick Creek at any time may become ill. 
Wastewater Treatment Plant discharges are disinfected during April 1st - October 31st of each year; therefore, all individuals should remain clear of White Lick Creek during the winter months regardless of weather. 
Those individuals with property along White Lick Creek between the Town of Brownsburg and the Town of Plainfield may request that a warning sign be posted along the creek bank of their property.  Those individuals needing to know whether a combined sewer overflow event has occurred, is occurring, or may potentially occur in the near future may contact the Superintendent of the Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The contact number to request additional information, warning signs, or to obtain whether or not the potential for an overflow event exists during the next 48 hours is 852-1114. 

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