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Mosquito Control

Mosquito control in Brownsburg is a full time job for three quarters of the year.  The season starts for us the first of April and ends around October or longer depending on weather.  Our goal is to treat all Town catch basins (drains) holding water for extended time.  We have two State licensed applicators that take this job very seriously and make every effort to rid the Town of these pests.  We treat for all mosquito larva in the catch basins every other week.   We are treating swales, ditches, and other problem areas as well as identifying species.  We work with the county on areas treated as to not waste material.  All of the chemicals we use are safe to animals and do not require any special permits other than our license.  Please call or e-mail if you have a question or comment.  Public involvement is crucial to slow this threat of West Nile.


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