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Brownsburg Parks is excited with all of the changes happening throughout the park system, and we hope you are, too! We will be updating the many projects (phase, progress, or plans) on this page to keep you informed on what's happening in the parks. We are interested in hearing your thoughts or questions on these exciting changes. Email us at to get further details on anything happening in the parks!
*Please refer to the above "phases of park project" graphic to distinguish what phase each project is currently in. 

Project: Williams Park Entry Circle Enhancements
Target Completion Date:  State Fiscal Year 2020
Community Benefit: Enhancements to the entry circle at Williams Park will include a serpentine walkway with boulders lining one side that provide natural seating. A water feature will provide a tranquil area to enjoy a peaceful spot for reflection.


See conceptual 1

See conceptual 2

  • An ad hoc committee made up of nearby residents and Parks staff developed the initial design of the circle.
  • The initial design was presented to and approved by the Park Board at its March 2018 meeting.
  • Staff is working to create final design documents.
  • Public comment on the initial design elements is sought online.

Project: Cardinal Property and Trail System
Target Completion Date: State Fiscal Year 2020
Community Benefit: This federally funded grant will assist Brownsburg by increasing connectivity and providing opportunities for residents to use the trails as transportation, healthy initiatives, and recreation.


See conceptual

  • Environmental documents and Categorical Exclusion complete.
  • Trail design is 90% complete.
  • State review underway.
  • Right-of-Way Engineering Phase is complete.
  • Project is anticipated to be let in 2015.
  • The possibility of wetlands being used for mitigation has been vetted.  The design of the wetlands is moving forward.  It is being designed to manage the majority of the storm water on site through this network of 7-9 wetlands.  This will increase the open space on the property from what was going to be a large, deep pond.  The wetlands are currently being engineered. 
  • Thornburg Parkway is being re-aligned to the north for better ingress/egress, in hopes to avoid relocation of highline utility poles.
  • Right-of-way (ROW) engineering is complete.
  • The right-of-way (ROW) land acquisition is in progress on both temporary ROW and permanent ROW with initial contact being made and appraisals beginning. 

Project: Williams Park, Maple Ridge Trail Preservation
Target Completion Date: TBD
Community Benefit: Maple Ridge Trail will be re-designed to accommodate multi-use activity. This will allow users to have different recreational experiences along newly constructed trails.  The new design will create environmentally sustainable trails that will draw users to key locations and protect sensitive areas.
  • An ecological assessment of Maple Ridge Trail in Williams Park will be performed.
  • Staff are negotiating the proposed scope of work to ensure all goals for this project are achieved.
  • Staff will need to budget for the service before proceeding.

Target Completion Date: 2019
Community Benefit: The new outdoor classroom will connect user groups from children to adults with nature through programs, workshops and other activities. Constructed with both natural and man-made materials, the classroom will provide users with an interactive experience as well as an opportunity to explore and learn while immersed in Williams Park's natural environment. 
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