Police Department
  • Meet at the Brownsburg Police Department

    Published: 2018-11-06
    Meet at the Brownsburg Police Department The Brownsburg Police Department offers a safe environment for residents to conduct their online exchanges and transactions in our parking lot or lobby. Whenever possible, please call ahead during normal business hours or to ask questions (317) 852-1109 ext. 2127. NOTE: Firearms sales and purchases are prohibited on town property.
  • Monthly Crime Watch Meetings

    Published: 2018-11-06
    Monthly Crime Watch Meetings Please join the Brownsburg Police Department Crime Watch meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. Meetings will be held at the Training Facility at 75 Whittington Drive. All citizens are welcome regardless of program membership. Help the police department fight crime in your neighborhood and learn techniques about safer living methods!
    [Contact Sergeant Fleck for more]

  • Hendricks Alert

    Published: 2018-05-17
    Hendricks Alert Get real-time information about potential or imminent threats to health and safety as well as informational notifications that affect you and your community straight to your device.
    [Register today!]

  • Women’s Self Defense Classes

    Published: 2016-03-01
    Women’s Self Defense Classes Classes are offered free of charge the second Wednesday of each month 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Brownsburg Training Facility, 75 Whittington Drive. No registration necessary. Please arrive in workout or athletic type clothing.


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Police Department Blotter

See where the Brownsburg Police Department has responded to and why during the last 24 hours.

    Call #DateTimeCallUnitLocation
    HP18121600000310Dec 16, 20187:17:02 PMLOCKOUTKoelling, David41 MAPLEHURST DR , BBG, IN,
    HP18121600000309Dec 16, 20187:15:10 PMLawson, Daniel710 E MAIN ST , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000306Dec 16, 20187:03:54 PMTRAFFIC STOPKoelling, David6782 N SR 267 SR 267 ONRAMP EB , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000301Dec 16, 20186:50:30 PMSUSPICIOUS PERSKoelling, David400 W NORTHFIELD DR 400 MORNINGSIDE DR , BBG, IN,
    HP18121600000299Dec 16, 20186:46:05 PMFOLLOW UPKoelling, David6738 N SR 267 SR 267 ONRAMP EB , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000287Dec 16, 20186:13:03 PMLawson, Daniel710 E MAIN ST , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000282Dec 16, 20185:52:49 PMVANDALISMKoelling, David721 KINGSTON CIR 1100 TURNBURY LN , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000275Dec 16, 20185:05:13 PMASSIST CITIZENJones, Jeremiah31 N GREEN ST N 5500 SR 267 , BBG, IN,
    HP18121600000272Dec 16, 20184:54:42 PMLOCKOUTSHEDROW, DAVID395 W NORTHFIELD DR 400 MORNINGSIDE DR , BBG, IN,
    HP18121600000269Dec 16, 20184:17:34 PMTRAFFIC STOPSHEDROW, DAVIDE MAIN ST / N ODELL ST E MAIN ST , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000240Dec 16, 20183:07:48 PMASSIST CITIZENWEST, TONY423 SUGAR BUSH LN N 1 ANDSCOTT CIR , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000234Dec 16, 20182:38:07 PMANIMALHILL, COREY128 SYCAMORE ST 800 YORK RD , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000204Dec 16, 20181:23:39 PMTHEFTSHEDROW, DAVID400 W NORTHFIELD DR 400 MORNINGSIDE DR , BBG, IN,
    HP18121600000200Dec 16, 201812:58:50 PMHILL, COREY12 ANDSCOTT CIR , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000196Dec 16, 201812:39:53 PMBROADCAST MSGSHEDROW, DAVIDE 56TH ST / E NORTHFIELD DR E 56TH ST , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000177Dec 16, 201811:52:03 AMSHEDROW, DAVID458 ELIZABETH LN 1 MARDALE DR , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000135Dec 16, 201810:01:09 AMTRAFFIC STOPSHEDROW, DAVIDE 300 N / NORTHFIELD DR E 300 N , BBG, IN, 46112
    HP18121600000107Dec 16, 20188:02:53 AMTRAFFIC STOPSHEDROW, DAVIDE 56TH ST / N GRANT ST E 56TH ST , BBG, IN, 46112